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AGA Stresses Strong Provider Role Vital for Patient-Centered Research

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Board convened a meeting in Washington, DC, during which I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of AGA and the Partnership to Improve Patient Care (PIPC).  

During my time before the board, I stressed that in order to be successful in achieving truly patient-centered outcomes research, patients and providers must play a vital role in helping to shape research priorities and provide ongoing input throughout the process. Practicing clinicians and researchers play a critical role in helping to identify needed areas for study and to serve as experts on panels in their area of expertise. Providers and patients must be integral parts of patient-centered outcomes research and research studies must ask the right questions relevant to patients and provider needs.

The PCORI Board has been discussing the definition of “patient-centered outcomes research” and has issued a draft definition that I encouraged them to change to align with the institute’s research mandate defined in statute — research that is “intended to help patients make informed healthcare decisions” and is “responsive to the expressed needs and preferences of patients and their care providers.”  

I was pleased that other patient and provider groups also spoke of the need for strong patient and provider involvement. PIPC will continue to work with the PCORI Board to ensure a patient-centered outcomes research program that will be beneficial to patients and providers and give them greater information to make informed decisions on their health-care needs.

AGA is a steering committee member of PIPC, a coalition of patient, provider, researchers and industry groups that came together during the health-care reform debate to advocate for comparative effectiveness research that is not only focused on patient and provider needs, but also fosters growth in medical innovation and technology as a way to improve care.  

Look for more updates on comparative effectiveness research and the work of PCORI on the AGA Washington Insider.

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